„Le Genie en Liberte” Paris11e september 2017

„Street Lab” is the second collaboration-project between Austrian artist Barbara Klampf and the French / Dutch artist Mieke Vasse (BARAMIKA). With this project we want to invite people to meet each other in their street. The internet is nowa- days almost the synonym for connections. However, the far more important connections are in- terpersonal connections. These connections are increasingly declining. With the work “Streetlab” we want to make these interpersonal connections visible again and show how important the connections between humans are. The residents are offered a tea bag and we ask them to make a cup of tea and make a connection with their neighbors to get connected and to accompany us in our work. During this “sowing of new connections” the „interpersonal-net“ will grow again. At the end of the day, a visually colorful network will be visible in the street. We hope people will stay in contact with each other, also after the project.


Street Lab