Opening Freitag 17. November 2017   - 18Uhr  

Ausstellung vom 18. November 2017 bis März 2018

Bijlmerbajes, H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 48, 1096 AN Amsterdam, NL

Begrüßung: Henk Aernoudts

Einführung: Paul Mbikayi, managing Director Refugee Talent Hub

Eröffnung: Daria Bouwman von der Österreichischen Botschaft Den Haag

“FEEL IT, FILL IT” is an international project and initiative of the artist-duo BaraMika (Barbara Klampfl and Mieke Vasse). “FEEL IT, FILL IT” is a project with a mission. Eleven artists from Vienna, Paris and the Netherlands exhibit images on questions relating to humanity and human inability. About captivity, and the ‘why’ and ‘how’. Images reveal social impotence and raise questions such as „who is the boss?” and “to lead or to be led?” Can you just turn off the light while the heart is still beating? We cannot avoid imposing rules on each other, but where is the limit? Ultimately, everyone wants to be him- or herself. Everyone wants to live in the sunlight, both victims and perpetrators. In the 70’s, the Bijlmerbajes fulfilled an exemplary role as a prison with a more humane policy and interior. Lola Lik, the municipality, the refugee center and the many companies and organizations at the Bijlmerbajes have also tried to take on an exemplary role by reaching out to refugees and to support them in their search for an active role in our society.

With Art-Room we have created a new user-space, FEEL IT, FILL IT.