„Le Genie en Liberte” Paris11e september 2017

„Chambres de la Rue” (Street rooms) is a new collaboration-project between the Austrian artist Barbara Klampfl and Dutch / French artist Mieke Vasse. In the future their aim is to realize more so- cial cultural projects in Europe. Projects where new roads are being sought and used to connect people. Their start will be here in Paris on the old Mercedes terrain in the 11th arrondissement, on the corner of rue Léon Frot - rue Carrière-Mainguet. Mieke and Barbara will create here their new „Chambers de la rue“ in the open air. A place where people can feel home. Meet each other. Every space, so they say, can be used to feel home. Every space should be used to feel good. With our project “ Chambres de la rue „ we want to “open rooms”, to find a way to open minds. We use the environment to learn from it. We are making graffiti / carpets on the floor and walls and we will put in new elements . To integrate the existing in the transformation for the new place. In one of the rooms people can play Lawn-Bowling, while in the other room, one can picnic or just meet in the open air.


Chambres de la Rue